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Sunday, July 7, 2013

To Japan.

    Keep your nuclear power plants shut down.  What are you going to use the energy for?  To manufacture more toxic Ikea junk?  Or fast bikes for all the speed bums and their brain dead fans? Or ATVs to drive over, rip up and disturb all of nature?  Yes you are told you need the hazardious to all life energy supply, but that is not true, just the fact that we did not need them 10 thousand years ago, nor 200 years ago, we do not need them now.  Stop the useless energy glut, for example;  we have a fantasy house of government that pretends to represent the people, Totally Useless .  Give them a shovel, stop making junk, leave your shut down nuclear plants shut down perminently! Japan You Can Do It , Everyone Will Follow,  How about July 21st,  The first World  Shut Down Everything Day. ATVS included, This is a leaked message (only more likly to be true) from the People's Diplomatic Core of borderless Canada, freely self appointed, taking credit for increased unemployment , the collapsing monetary systems world wide, and the increased yield of Peas.   July 21st, shut down and have something to celebrate about. Happy New Year!

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