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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OK Detroit

Stop tearing down your buildings, we can put all of them or their materials to use. The Party is riddled with salvage experts, no costs , no claims.  All we need is a shovel and a couple of planter pots and watch it grow, the real economy. This is a direct offer, diplomatic status, or no border hassles,  might need gas money, might not, maybe you just want some free pea seed, in this case we will break the US embargo we have until those prisoners are released.  And those drones stop in N. Pakistan . But we will get peas to Detroit somehow, If the Mayor of Detroit does not want our peas, give him a shovel, order the peas, and bank vaults would be perfect to store valuable pea seed,  Detroit ; The Pea Capital of The USA. Victoria B C  is the Pea in The Sea Capital of Canada, This offer ; the whole package , or , just 21 peas  is open for as long as we have a pea. Forgive spelling mistakes ,to much time in school and not enough in the Garden. Garden Party hopes to get peas rooted in Detroit next Spring.   Anybody Home?

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