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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Money! PEAS !!

The Garden Party of BC has just introduced a new currency, our peas with no patent.  One Pea  can feed all the world it's peas in guessing 7 years .  1 dollar in 7 years might be worth 10 cents. A pea is with out a doubt worth far more than declining dollar, and we got peas,  lots of peas, a perfect money, it has value as long as has life to grow a new plant. Then it has value to feed a chicken and that's how peas turn into eggs .  Our Minister of Peanance  claims cooked books and cooked peas , well there is just no way to compare, possibly, but who cares .  Peas are growing , money is shrinking , doors are opening and closing and tomorrow dealing with the bad apples at a place, my 4th visit  to a peach tree . As I get to know the trees and the trees get to know me, we figure and barter that by combining all fruit trees we maybe able to feed fruit to all that need it , as fast as the peas , and Peaky Leeks has warned about the arrival of all for seed this year of 5 or 7 different Beans!   Beans that can grow, not like money that can be corrupted, and yet just one bean could feed all the beans the world needs in 10 years or less. Get beans seed fast , maybe beets in Stead Manitoba would be good.  

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