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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Get Over It ! Yes we are all different. We are all raised differently, different religious beliefs, foods, social behavior, gods, but we are all connected from the original slime. Simply put; we are as a mass of people ; evolving slime.  We are clearly all related. On the family tree, we are tips of the outer branches sending out buds.  The well being of those buds, requires a healthy whole tree.   We all have strengths and weakness, every one is your relative.  Distant Cousin. Quit The Family Squabble . Get Over With It, Evolve!  July 21,  No More War Day, Cousin! 
     The  Garden Party peas are ready to go and 21 have gone on their way to eventually get to South Africa.  Have figs that are ready, and excess kale , this years 150 grape cuttings also ready. Grow some.

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