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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Government That Works

Everybody needs to go out to the garden, sort of get their hands in the dirt for a few days, and think about what kind of government we want? What do we need? In Canada, clubs run parties, many exclusive or private or religious.  There are a lot of public goodies passing hands who ever gets the top job. To get the top job you have to make deals one way or the other with those who help you.  Most top jobs, are willing or unaware puppets. The problem we have had here in Canada, in different forms is the same almost everywhere, Evolution of Mankind is stiffiled, in our case by legislation, thus regulation, thus the law, thus enforcement, thus torture.  And we can see money clearly running USA elections with gladiators from a choice of two clubs, looks a lot like the Canadian Way. We were really pushed into performing a coupe. We can't wait to cancel all debt and get the gardens going. We are growing seeds and plants to help get more gardens growing . Garden Party of Canada is Digging Out the Rotten Root, and  Digging In the Change,  World Dig in Day, July 21st, same date as World Buy Nothing Day.  Garden Party Release! Most work finished here for now, we believe our Minister of the Enviroment has gone under ground in France, Our Minister of Funny Money is Meditating on the Value of a Pea Seed, and our Minister for More Unemployment quit and is going mushroom picking,  

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