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Thursday, July 18, 2013


The Garden Party is in the process of changing the dates of the World Events Days to the lunar calendar.  The structure of our lives is unnaturally run by clocks, days of the week, time of the day, hardly aware of a stress less natural flow.  For example, the Garden Party Government BC has no regular hours, has no written in stone deadlines, the Garden Party takes on projects it would like to see done, all projects have achievable dead lines without stress.  Stress is being left behind, we heard the alarm clock and pulled the plug. To mention a few government polices; local food supply everywhere in 10 years,  convert military to emergency response, a large part would following Cuba's example of all the medical help they accomplished under embargo,  reduce cars use at least 10% every year, get rid of the need for all the useless work, follow the intent of any good law, set our own do and don'ts. And certainly we will retire all lawyers to the garden, a much nicer place than where they are now.  Poor suckers, my peas go out to them.
  Date Changes , Evolution, future only known if you continue the same path.

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