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Thursday, July 18, 2013


USA spends more funny money on military than the rest of the world.  War makes huge profits and drones are the next great profit maker for all those nice guys in the Killing Industry who make small donations to fund those two Death Squad parties that Americans vote for but have no control over. Their Democracy is just as much a farce as Canadian Democracy to boot with Fraud Elections.   US has bases in 120 countries.  Is this for Homeland Security? Or is it to insure Corporate Capitalism? Liberty, Justice, Freedom?  54 Countries have or are planing on getting drones. We know the damage drones are doing to the people of northern Pakistan. We simply have to stop this insanity of war, and weapons of war.  Money owns and runs our governments, War or imagined threats make lots of Money, and if you threaten the money you may have a drone blowing up your non round-up ready peas.  As a homeland security measure we are doing a early harvest.  Incase Monsanto already has drones. Some people will do anything for money. Order your peas now, the Garden Party,  the Government of BC, is preparing for the future, peas should arrive in time for spring planting. 21 pea seed limit, they are priceless, and will be ready to go on World No More War Day, July 21st. Peas on Earth For All except the Military Industry, they are already looking into the profits they might make from peashooters! 

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