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Monday, July 1, 2013

Corp Farms Near End

     Almost all the imported food sold today, including organic are contaminated before they get to market. Much of that food is grown by corp farms in so called poor countries, and there is another bunch of horror stories. There is the real costs of all that packaging and transportation, and you never really know what you getting in nutritional value or what poisons you are consuming.  Grow a Garden, or open your space up for some one to grow a garden.  We all want good clean food!  Need help ?  The Garden Party is shutting down all corp farms, office staff severance pay will be a incredible shinny new steel  shovel with a yellow handle .  A proper swearing in ceremony by the Minister For More Unemployment will be held on the international Do Nothing Day, July 21st. Don't miss it, could be the most you have ever had. Pictures where  I am picking, some red caps and camp.
     I wonder if our pension funds are invested in some of those corp farms?

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