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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Christie Clark is Not Premier

She lost her seat, why is that PR lady for the old mob that's got wealthy ripping off public assets, being called premier?  She is  trying to sneak into office via a paid for back door. Sneak would a better name. Everything is corrupt. Except the Garden. That is why The Garden Party is in the process of taking over management here and everywhere,  We have had Enough PR, Enough of the forms of government that justify exploitation of pubic assets to pay wage slaves trying to cover the rent for the Land Lord to pay the bank so they can build monuments to bullshit. Enough is what we are saying with the people of Egypt, So all you mob paid for PR folks sitting in highchairs, we know decisions are being made behind closed doors open only to the chosen , 
     And we welcome Snowdon to Canada, we can hide him from the FBI, in our 7 foot high peas ( still climbing ), we will tell him all our secrets behind closed doors, and see if he can grow some leeks,  Our Minister for "UnWorldly Things Out in the Open ", was wondering if our New Self Appointed Government of Canada is the only one not afraid of USA, oh how the mighty fall . But there is hope,  we have reason to believe we have sleeper cells in just about every spy agency around the world. We must get a lot of peas growing next spring.  Peas For Everyone .   To hide in after leeking! There is something fishy about these pots of nail bombs, if our RCMP knew there was never any threat from the so called pot bombs, did they make them? What was their involvement ? And from personal experience, we know our Peace Officers have lied in the past under oath. Can they be blinded trusted? Trained corp police, on our Minister for More Unemployment List of  Jobs to Go Away. 

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