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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

According to John

The Garden Party International is leeking out the creation of a New Ministry:  According to John.  And according to John, the burning of fossil fuels affects the climate , definitely .  So all other ministers of this and that, agreed to make a special "day to not burn  fossil fuels."  they decided that July the 21st, had a nice look to it, and by coincidence it happens to fall on Do Nothing Day which is the same date of No More War Day or night. The 21st of July should be amazing, you don't want to miss that day, almost nothing might be happening! Would that not blow your mind, if one had a mind.
     The Garden Party of BC has issued a Stop Work Order on All New Road Building for 10 years, cars are a big part of our problems with climate change  as are those jets flying corp tennis gladiators to all their world events,  Everyone is encouraged to reduce their causing of fossil fuel use. 21st of every month, Park It For The Day ! Take a walk, start a garden, go help somebody, just leave that burden parked .

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