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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mushroom Pick Today

Will be at Granville Thur.

BC Government Of The People

   Locally you create your local goverment in whatever works for you.  You start with yourself, you decide you are the government , you decide what are the necessary moves that need getting done, or undone. You Shout out what you are doing, or not doing , in every public means you have, You then apply yourself, as a civilized server to, in my case a shovel. My Government sort of Ignors local gov, is digging in provincially and spreading from sea to sea to sea to sea.  Of course we are not going to popular with provincial fraudsters, no my government will not be welcome by any of the political parties.  We make our own gov,  if it is in conflict with others claiming to rule , we would say " we see you are going to be an obstacle , a Li-On, a Drag-On, a Cling On,  and  On,  and  On, " ,The Garden Party, feels no obligation to bring down governments, We are just better goverment,  we don't waste time and resources on elections,  we self appoint Ministers as needed,  get the job done and get rid of the Minister, at least 6 of our Ministers have gone into self exile .  One is Minister of Doing Nothing. He bit more than he could chew, comes with age. No teeth.  Just slow down a bit. Chew on it a bit, , not so many mistakes, much improved results .  My party, The Garden Party, proclaims itself the Government of BC.  Under present written  laws, and the definition of democracy, the elected "parties" are  frauds.  They claim that they know what is best for BC,  Silly people , who could take them for real ?  A lot of people who grew up in Dizzyland maybe.  So there you are, we are the gov of the people ,if everyone does their part, it will  be as easy as growing Peas.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Democracy Definition


US Military Industry

   Yes that is where Canadian Pension Funds are invested.  Now if you want a good return on your Pea, you would be best to invest in a gardener, with constant history of growing food, just like having CPF invested in the arms industry that works very hard, very hard indeed to keep the  world in conflict.  With money made and reinvested in their two favored parties, one might say that the Military Industry is the Government of the USA. A perfect investment with assured  returns on body bags, another spin off industry to sell to created enemies, now that drones are becoming the weapon of choice, just like a computer game,  no blood and guts and screams and smells of burning flash,  just a good investment with high and secure returns, yes we in Canada deserve to be lumped in with the US as we too profit from their War Machine.  We too have a large Military Industry and the Garden Party of Canada, is in the process of shutting it down !  Arms industry  employees, if you quit now we will give you 21 Putin Peas while supplies lasts.   We have 2500 pea seeds to go, but that is only a estimate, we have hired top notch accountants to count our peas.  You may think this is a joke, but when you realize one pea has more value than all the worlds money you may come out of shock..  Anyone can get paper , write numbers on it with picture of a pea and call it valuable, get armed guards (slaves) to ride shotgun in heavy steel trucks to haul the scrap metal and waste paper, stick it in a vault that would be better used as a root cellar, putting 24/7 cameras and guards, all to convince the serfs that they have something of great value worth stealing when it is not worth a pea.  World No Military Industry  Day , Aug. 21, and every day till then, and after.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

BC Feeds BC :Figs

Figs ready to go. Will be leaving for mainland to look for mushrooms Monday, do market Thursday, watch for update. Putin Peas will be there.  Picking plums today.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Money Grows ??

Money does not grow, that slip in the back door pretend leader, the PR lady full of natural gas, claims she is going to grow money in BC.  Fairy tales from Dizzyland !  Money does not grow; one coin always remains one coin, no matter how long you leave it in the ground, it has no life,  it is unable to get bigger regardless no matter how much BS you pile on the coin, it still will not grow. Peas grow still, but if all we are going to do is grow money we will soon starve!  The PR Lady needs a  Hoe and we have extra. So as the Liberal Party doesn't have to dig in the public slush fund we offer a Free Shovel and a Hoe!  She could use our presentation of the tools and 21 Putin  Peas as a photo opportunity for local waste paper and TV.  Do not miss this limited  time offer.  If you call now we give free lessons on how to use a hoe,  plus instructions on tool maintenance for the shovel.  But only if you call now.    

Confucius said:

"With coarse rice to eat, water to drink, and my vended arm for a pillow,   I still have a joy in these things.  Riches and honor acquired by unrighteousness are to me as a floating cloud."
Garden Party Financal Report :  Loaded with Pea.  Peas and water and a bent arm, but more content than ever.

Plantain Medicine

Broad and narrow leaf plantain can be eaten but is one of the best healing plants for cuts and infections, and is common across Canada. It's seeds are mucilaginous and can be put on a eye ball to remove any junk stuck on the eyeball painlessly. To use leaves, squash till juicy, put on washed or soaked infected area, cover with whole leaf, bandaid on and leave for two days, that's how we have used it for many years, has only one side affect, it heals.  Plantain could cut into the legal drug pushing industry that kills more than it cures.    

Putin Gets Award From Canada

The Garden Party has given it First Pea Grammy to Mr Putin, the present pretender of Russia.  Contenders were our own Minister For More Unemployment who has done nothing
Very successfully,  and Ministry According To John who at 85 is still shouting from roof tops, if somebody holds the ladder.  The One Pea Award was given to Putin because he kicked Monsteranto out of Russia and is considering Tanks for Shovels to present to drone happy US brass.  The debt clock pea  will now be know as The Putin Pea, in his honor. The Award Pea will be mixed in with all the other Putin  Peas until Mr Putin claims it, advance notice required, as it will take time to find it. We offer our condolence to monsanto employees who will not eat products that their Boss and they are responsible for producing.  Slaves everywhere, well there appears to be some choice of which slave job is more to one's liking, Freedom is still just a word , Freedom From: War, Monsanto, Ikea Toxic pressboard junk, a Royalty fairy tales, and lawyers, just to mention a few we are awarding Hoe Hoe Grammys.  The Garden Party has Quietly assumed World Government in a bloodless coup, without a leek due to the fact that the spies cannot see anything that is out in the open, that  can stand the light of day and is not afraid of the dark ! Every one has the Right to Sleep, but with money attempting to take over the world, the Garden Party is awake digging in South Africa, not for useless shiny yellow stones or hard glassy rocks.  Putin Pea the new world currency, and with all our peas we are sure to flush out all that funny money.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Get Over It ! Yes we are all different. We are all raised differently, different religious beliefs, foods, social behavior, gods, but we are all connected from the original slime. Simply put; we are as a mass of people ; evolving slime.  We are clearly all related. On the family tree, we are tips of the outer branches sending out buds.  The well being of those buds, requires a healthy whole tree.   We all have strengths and weakness, every one is your relative.  Distant Cousin. Quit The Family Squabble . Get Over With It, Evolve!  July 21,  No More War Day, Cousin! 
     The  Garden Party peas are ready to go and 21 have gone on their way to eventually get to South Africa.  Have figs that are ready, and excess kale , this years 150 grape cuttings also ready. Grow some.

Garden Party Paperwork

Where all Governments should be doing limited paper work and filing out of sight of Peaky Leeks, This permanent office is to handle the Garden Party's Northern Affaires, if you are in the area Drop In, we are alway busy but can handle big loads. Visit the relics of past and present, Jim is taking care of the place.  

Peas climb, money declines.

Our new currency is viable and ready to go!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OK Detroit

Stop tearing down your buildings, we can put all of them or their materials to use. The Party is riddled with salvage experts, no costs , no claims.  All we need is a shovel and a couple of planter pots and watch it grow, the real economy. This is a direct offer, diplomatic status, or no border hassles,  might need gas money, might not, maybe you just want some free pea seed, in this case we will break the US embargo we have until those prisoners are released.  And those drones stop in N. Pakistan . But we will get peas to Detroit somehow, If the Mayor of Detroit does not want our peas, give him a shovel, order the peas, and bank vaults would be perfect to store valuable pea seed,  Detroit ; The Pea Capital of The USA. Victoria B C  is the Pea in The Sea Capital of Canada, This offer ; the whole package , or , just 21 peas  is open for as long as we have a pea. Forgive spelling mistakes ,to much time in school and not enough in the Garden. Garden Party hopes to get peas rooted in Detroit next Spring.   Anybody Home?

New Money! PEAS !!

The Garden Party of BC has just introduced a new currency, our peas with no patent.  One Pea  can feed all the world it's peas in guessing 7 years .  1 dollar in 7 years might be worth 10 cents. A pea is with out a doubt worth far more than declining dollar, and we got peas,  lots of peas, a perfect money, it has value as long as has life to grow a new plant. Then it has value to feed a chicken and that's how peas turn into eggs .  Our Minister of Peanance  claims cooked books and cooked peas , well there is just no way to compare, possibly, but who cares .  Peas are growing , money is shrinking , doors are opening and closing and tomorrow dealing with the bad apples at a place, my 4th visit  to a peach tree . As I get to know the trees and the trees get to know me, we figure and barter that by combining all fruit trees we maybe able to feed fruit to all that need it , as fast as the peas , and Peaky Leeks has warned about the arrival of all for seed this year of 5 or 7 different Beans!   Beans that can grow, not like money that can be corrupted, and yet just one bean could feed all the beans the world needs in 10 years or less. Get beans seed fast , maybe beets in Stead Manitoba would be good.  

Monday, July 22, 2013


Will be picking a few trees in about 3 days, there are about 100 fruit trees on this piece of land near Brentwood. Pick for yourself, to give away, or process and sell. The idea is that it gets used, and the trees are cared for. or ph cell 1-604-728-3663

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Embargo Japan

The Garden Party, Of Canada, on No More Military Day,  July 21st, has placed an embargo on Japan.  All pea orders be ignored until we are assured that the peas will not be to feed yet another Military "Defense."  Those who desire more military should be given shovels immediately.  It will be more difficult (but not impossible) to remove them from power when they have 7000 drones. Start today, take back your government, we all, most people anyway, like peas.

Do Nothing Day, July 21st.

Garden Party official Holiday