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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Garden Party

Of course we of the Garden Party consider ourselves the real government of BC. None of the fraudulent elected believe us, they must think we are a joke, or could they just be milking the cow and not even noticed we are here.  The people are taking their governments back. We are vocal, in the open, and transparent to those with ears and invisible to the deaf 
     We really must take matters in our own hands, and solve our problems. Never mind asking permission, they will just give you obstacles. And more and more people are "just doing it".  Join the Party :  Bring your own Shovel.  A message from the self appointed Minister of Bucket Stirring, for the New Majority Gov. of BC ,   We would like all those people who call themselves "public servants", to serve the public, right now you are 98% interference, we will keep the 2%.  For the rest of you we are offering free night classes in shovel training.  Everybody has something to say, this is from the Minister  for More Unemployment . 

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