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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Refugees welcome to Canada

The Garden Party of Canada has come up with a way we can take lots of refugees immediately, we have thousands of jobs, that Canadians don't want. Growing gardens, The New Gov of Canada, self appointed of the people, Even the courts ruled the last election a fraud.  If one takes a good look, the whole works is a fraud. Our successful coupe was peaceful, and we consider ourselves the Government of Canada.  We therefore want all Canadian Border Police to stay home and grow a garden.  We would like everybody working in the Immigration department to take a long holiday, enough wasted paper work, Borders are a thing of the past. New Gov. Free Advice; Grow a Garden. So Refugees when you arrive in Canada, we will have a Garden Party for You,  We are ready.  Bring your own shovel! A message from the Minister for More Unemployment.

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