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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Peas up : Money Down

The time it takes to grow a pea the world debt has increased well over 500 billion dollars. Money is not real, it is only a persistent belief, of no useful value. Some people " believe" it is necessary to have a medium of exchange.  Holding your goods in common, was practiced at least 2000 years ago in recorded history. Also in recorded history and up to today, every effort is still made to stop people from holding their goods in common. Money is not a necessity, and we have figured out how to stop money.  We have established a New Government with a zero Budget, we have gardens, orchards and nurserys, no cost and so far all plants and excess food has been given away free. So we are slowly working our way, away from money.  A message from The Garden Party Of Canada, the only well grounded party. Have one, and plant your town with food, money is indigestible.  Seeds and plants that we have are availblle.

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