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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Naval Ships?

Vancouver Sun: " The federal gov. Is a step closer to a $2.6 billion deal to build two naval supply ships. Budget Office report in March found costs could run as high as $4.13 billion. "
Seaspan Marine, won an $8 billion contract to build the 2 supply vessels and new coast guard vessels, looks more like $10 billion now and likely $20 billion by the time they are finished. Continued Insanity of a world run by $$$$$ and paid off Political Parties. Check out political contributions by TheyssenKrupp Marine Systems and Seaspan. The Garden Party has banned all military manufacturing in Canada and recommends the Garden Parties now forming in Turkey and Russia do likewise, and a reminder, June 21st is No Military , No War Day, Worldwide.
A message from the People's self appointed New Government of Canada, in the garden.
The bill will be sent to those not yet born!

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