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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Earth Bound Farms??

Our Minister of Resources and Waste is appalled to see the 5oz of washed 3 times dead leaves shipped from Mexico Or USA with 2oz plastic, and a label( that may be more nutritious than the 5 day old dead leaves), in our market places on Vancouver Island.   We have had plenty of local greens here since Feb and mono crops are also a enviro disaster even if the products are labeled Organic. A Fresh Dandelion from the roadside would be of greater food value than those leaves even if they were fresh. This transportation of flying and trucking fresh food all over the world is coming to a sudden end. We shipped our Minister of Rock Gardens to NFL to get rocking gardens going on the east coast.  A secret message from the garden party files, we believe internal spies have been leaking our secret peas that are climbing faster than the debt clock. That fellow stuck in the air port, better not leak our peas to Putin, at least not until he melts down a couple of tanks for shovels.  And Obama, no peas for you, in fact The Garden Party of Canada has issued a embargo on all non monsanto peas for USA until those found not guilty prisoners are released, and Monsanto Management are force fed their round-up ready products.  You are what you eat. Not a absolute. 

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