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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clean People ?

Found off highway 5 between Kemloops and Merrite the residues of water treatment, the odour of a thousand chemicals, in a logged but pristine area abundant in flora and fauna. This is not to condem those who dumped this rank toxic substance or the government officials of the elected government who issued the permits, this is the first time I have seen this done in a place so beautiful, and perhaps the toxic waste is better here than where it has been dumped before, likly in one of the First Nations Dumps along the Frazer River.  The 1000 or 1000's of chemicals that are going down the drain , cleaners, causemedics, medicians, deodorants, herbicides, bug killers, rat poisons, water purefiers, fingernail polish, wood stains, waxes, paint removers, it is a long list and more new compounds and poisons are added every day. The ad industries, the fashion industries, the white coat black art drug pushers all promote health, cleanliness, and the way one should smell and look, and pills to make you feel better, or stronger, and all the better if they are addictive. That is what clean programed people with clean smelling cloths, are dumping in our dirty forests, just a reminder June 22 st is Do Nothing Day, And put no toxin down the drain for one day .

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