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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going mushroom picking.

Leaving Van Island and the gardens, to pick red cap boletes, maybe slippery jacks and puffballs, will bring to Grandville Island Pubic Market on Thursday. Have dried Morels, lobster, porcini, chanterelles and a few others. Wild Products Network.

Edible Pea In Flower

The peas and NFL rock garden in BCAnd a possible drone.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cabin; Wells BC

Last Year with a visitor.  Jim "is it usable"? During the music festival ?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To USA Democrat Voters

When You voted Obama in on his first term you had a dream, a real change, a good change was going to happen in good old USA, we could feel it all the up here in Canada. No point in blaming Republicans, lots of them voted for him too.  The thing to do when governments don't do what you hoped they would, is take on making the change you hoped for yourself , tell everybody what you are doing at any given time, evolution is taking place, of, by, and for the people.  But things look a little shaky right now, we are in transition, do a garden, food is a necessity, bought off politicians are a liability.  Run your own government from your garden, enjoy your peas!  The Garden Party has outgrown Canada and declares the border plain dumb.  Now, shut down your military industry, make shovels!  Dig In ! Make Peas! And Make Sure the spies are watching, they might steal some good ideas.

Earth Bound Farms??

Our Minister of Resources and Waste is appalled to see the 5oz of washed 3 times dead leaves shipped from Mexico Or USA with 2oz plastic, and a label( that may be more nutritious than the 5 day old dead leaves), in our market places on Vancouver Island.   We have had plenty of local greens here since Feb and mono crops are also a enviro disaster even if the products are labeled Organic. A Fresh Dandelion from the roadside would be of greater food value than those leaves even if they were fresh. This transportation of flying and trucking fresh food all over the world is coming to a sudden end. We shipped our Minister of Rock Gardens to NFL to get rocking gardens going on the east coast.  A secret message from the garden party files, we believe internal spies have been leaking our secret peas that are climbing faster than the debt clock. That fellow stuck in the air port, better not leak our peas to Putin, at least not until he melts down a couple of tanks for shovels.  And Obama, no peas for you, in fact The Garden Party of Canada has issued a embargo on all non monsanto peas for USA until those found not guilty prisoners are released, and Monsanto Management are force fed their round-up ready products.  You are what you eat. Not a absolute. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Peas up : Money Down

The time it takes to grow a pea the world debt has increased well over 500 billion dollars. Money is not real, it is only a persistent belief, of no useful value. Some people " believe" it is necessary to have a medium of exchange.  Holding your goods in common, was practiced at least 2000 years ago in recorded history. Also in recorded history and up to today, every effort is still made to stop people from holding their goods in common. Money is not a necessity, and we have figured out how to stop money.  We have established a New Government with a zero Budget, we have gardens, orchards and nurserys, no cost and so far all plants and excess food has been given away free. So we are slowly working our way, away from money.  A message from The Garden Party Of Canada, the only well grounded party. Have one, and plant your town with food, money is indigestible.  Seeds and plants that we have are availblle.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Changing of Government

Free from the  shackles of government. Because we are the government, and we do consult with everybody we talk to, this how the garden party governs, where we are, very transparent, out in the open, calling a shovel, a shovel, and digging in  too.   What connections you have are your government, we all would like to see it better.  No time like now.  From The Garden,  Might go to Alberta when water has  gone down.  Gardeners  might be useful? No time was ever like now! 

Peas and Global Debt Clock

The Minister of Propagation and the Minister of Funny Money ate their first peas today and have released their monthly Financial Report. Peas will continue to climb and money everywhere will continue to disappear down a deep black hole. We are issuing a Red Alert, if you hang on to it, you may get sucked down with it. All the money in the world is not worth one pea. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back to Now

     We have a problem, it's the same problem mankind has had all the way back to at least our hunter-gatherer days. We have a top, middle and bottom.  We had gods, god kings, rulers anointed by priests, priest kings, war lords, emperors, generals, dictators, presidents, prime ministers and people with lots or money. The bottom were slaves, serfs, servants, peasants, farmers, laboures, miners, the worker bees.  In the middle are the drones, royal court, enforcers, lawyers, ministers of the kings, basically maintainers of what is the power structure  who generally do little sweat work.  The people on the bottom, are told what to think and do by the middle, who serve the top to get a bigger peice of the cake as they climb up. The middle class are the main obstacle to change, they are rewarded for preventing social changes.  The bottom who grew the grain to make the cake get positive actions by hugh effort; only to see the gains erroded by those who really are the rulers.  Today Money Rules. And as long as Money is God, the few who control that numbers racket, can and do control Dictators and Democarcys.  Even in Canada and the US, Money wins every time, Money is the Present Slave Master.  It is not a stick, but is often used as one. Money is also used as a carrot.  Money has a bad track record. The right to vote gives an illustion that we have a say in government. The numbers of people change a little, a few at the top with lots of soft shiny yellow stones,  a handful grabbing for yellow stones in the middle, and the masses who do all the digging, today many of them stoned. Drugs of every kind from all the many Government approved Drug Stores, and street drugs in every town accross the country.       Structures of present governments, dictators or democracy still maintain inequality.  Some by the gun, some by the law book.  Torture for the masses, light to heavy,  both systems.
      We have Another Option, a message from the garden by the Minister of Releasing All Secrets and Spreading Rummers .

The Garden Party

Of course we of the Garden Party consider ourselves the real government of BC. None of the fraudulent elected believe us, they must think we are a joke, or could they just be milking the cow and not even noticed we are here.  The people are taking their governments back. We are vocal, in the open, and transparent to those with ears and invisible to the deaf 
     We really must take matters in our own hands, and solve our problems. Never mind asking permission, they will just give you obstacles. And more and more people are "just doing it".  Join the Party :  Bring your own Shovel.  A message from the self appointed Minister of Bucket Stirring, for the New Majority Gov. of BC ,   We would like all those people who call themselves "public servants", to serve the public, right now you are 98% interference, we will keep the 2%.  For the rest of you we are offering free night classes in shovel training.  Everybody has something to say, this is from the Minister  for More Unemployment . 

Long Bed Time Story

     June 21st was Officially the First world wide Buy Nothing Day.  And before I remembered what day it was, I bought something, so after a committee meeting of one, it was decided to amend Buy Nothing Day to allow all those who did buy on the 21st to chose any day before July 21, the 2nd World No Buy Day!  to buy nothing.  Officially this is also Do Nothing Day, and, No More War No More Military Day.  But a call came in this morning from a young lady, wanting some help to start her first garden. Well usually on NoMoreWar Day at high noon, I like to do something pubic  to display my desire to convert all military to "emergency response" non military team.  We could start training now and deploy them all to Alberta to respond to all who need help, and at the same time learn skills of using more practical tools than guns. War is always Hell.  As a Country, we could lay down the gun, pick up the shovel, and announce for us "war is over", we have no enemies. The example would encourage others around the globe to follow suit, Peace would be a pressure  on military industries;  they could convert to emergency response equipment, but their Black Budgets and secret slush funds would be no more.  At any rate someone who has never had a garden of her own and wanted to start one.  Well the excitement was too much, Do Nothing Day, got put off again, and I went to a Garden Party and had a fine day. Also had a great day on Thursday at Granville Island Pubic Market, open 7 days a week 9 am to 7 pm,  It's a great place to visit if you are from out of town, spend s few hours or the whole day.  Wild Products Network, one of the many tables in the market is where we can meet most Thursdays during mushroom season. The plan is to be there every Thursday till the end of mushroom picking.  By now you should be asleep, Good Nite.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Another First Garden

On No more war day, Buy nothing day, Allie dug up her lawn and planted 8 tomato plants.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Party Crossed Line

     South Carolina may be the second state to start the Garden Party, and we expect a people's coupe to take place within weeks in New Zealand.  The Garden Party is growing, Americians are smugging Shovels into the US.   A message from the Minister of Small Distortions of the self appointed Grounded Government of Canada. 
    We only suggest to US residents that they, like  the rest of the world Dig In and uproot Roundup ready Monsanto and Big Pharma,  the New Government of Canada considers both an invasive species and hazard to the general health of our life support system, just like money. 
   Chocolate Lily, Burdock, Salsifry, nest .

Refugees welcome to Canada

The Garden Party of Canada has come up with a way we can take lots of refugees immediately, we have thousands of jobs, that Canadians don't want. Growing gardens, The New Gov of Canada, self appointed of the people, Even the courts ruled the last election a fraud.  If one takes a good look, the whole works is a fraud. Our successful coupe was peaceful, and we consider ourselves the Government of Canada.  We therefore want all Canadian Border Police to stay home and grow a garden.  We would like everybody working in the Immigration department to take a long holiday, enough wasted paper work, Borders are a thing of the past. New Gov. Free Advice; Grow a Garden. So Refugees when you arrive in Canada, we will have a Garden Party for You,  We are ready.  Bring your own shovel! A message from the Minister for More Unemployment.