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Thursday, May 9, 2013

We are killing our grandkids?

My own 3 kids , my siblings, parents, grandparents, no allergies; some of my grandkids have allergies. Lots of adults and lots and I mean far to many of kids are coming down with medicinal problems that were rare if at all when I was a kid. We got a problem here grandma , grandpa. I would like to know why. Is it something in the food, or maybe our cleaning products, chemicals from Ikea pressboard shelves , dressers, kitchen cupboards or one of at least a hundred chemicals in the air in new houses, offices are worse but a intelligent society we would not offices full people shuffling numbers. Is it the water making them sick, , or are they getting sick sitting in a classroom all day getting groomed to be another numerologist. I suggest car fumes, all those people rushing out to get some fresh toxin to admire or stick in their fridge. We can change all that and must, stop buying and exercise some brain cells, shame producers, distributers,and consumers , and stop buying. The Garden Party declares today: The 21st Day of EVERY MONTHI A WORLD HOLIDAY , STOP BUYING DAY!

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