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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prozac Election

Perhaps a 48% of the voters were stoned on 'feel good pills' from their local drug store. Drug Stores are the middle men, Doctors are the Pushers. The 'Legal' Drug Industry the producer. Live healthy, garden, cancel the " Sick Care System "and start "Stay Healthy System" . Stay Away from Doctors and the Dealers, let your head clear up, help get BC fully able to provide its local food. If you know someone who has land, even a yard garden space, well if you don't know what to do with it , we would be glad to look at it.
A message from the "minister of health and rocky gardens."
The Garden Party , the non voters party, now official, 52% of the vote, clear majority, no ceremony, our mace is a shovel, governing from the garden, no passing laws, no civil servants, no bankers, lawyers, realtors, or other obstacles. We can' t lose, cheer up!
Caterpillars and prune plumb trees tomorrow , Brentwood .

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