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Friday, May 17, 2013

Peas on Earth

If the Hot Air Ballon , the monetary system crashes, the Peas will continue to grow. The peas are a real value, money is a believed value, We can live without money, but , we cannot live without peas.
Occupation Apple Tree is a evolving idea. The Goal is Food in BC to Feed BC in 9 years. A first action was gardening, then taking care of fruit trees that were neglected. We are now prepared to care for a single trees, or a whole farms, setting up food processing , nurseries , distribution and markets if needed.
We are prepared to go anywhere in BC, right now we have about a dozen locations we are on around the province.
May 21 is the first Official Stop Buying Day, International , in agreement with North Korea , So remember the 21st of each month "Save Money , Buy Nothing".

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