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Friday, May 24, 2013

Out Side The Box #2

The Socialist/ Communist Health Care System we have in BC could save a lot of costs; resources , energy, and wasted labour , by dropping the registration and payment plans. The money collected go to the always complicated waste paper factories run by civil servants who grow into " fiefdoms " , consuming more than they are collecting, adding on extra " things " to pay for, to keep up to date technology ,more staff etc etc , higher premiums on and on. What a waste of everybody's time! Anyone can go to hospital and accepted for treatment, even if you are homeless and without ID. Whether you get fixed or finished, that the risk you take,
Now, we just laid off a lot of people, not just a whole bunch of civil servants, think of the private sector, all the carpenters , plumbers, delivery trucks,recycling trucks, garbage trucks, yes just this one action and there will a lot of people with not much to do , I say grab a shovel, we have a garden space available , Pat Bay Highway and Tanner Area and lots more to do of we want to get BC able to feed everybody . A message from Your Pay As We Go Government . Have a nice day.

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