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Monday, May 13, 2013

Next 2 Jobs

Annie's Prune Plums and Rex's 5 Apples trees, Victoria this week. Looking for storage locations in Vic, Van, and Chilliwack, for tools , processing equipment and always looking for more trees that need a little TLC. Email soslesosky
There are young adults who want land to do sensible food production, remove the money obstacle, we need food security, we are also developing our own energy supplies, stop the pipelines and liquified natural gas plant for Kitimat. Stop Buying Junk, Plant a Garden. Junk the Banks, take control of your government, govern yourself.
Plans are being made now for food processing plants in every community in BC. The goal is to get this done in 9 years.
We have increased the Agricultural Land Reserve by 4000% . If you have rocky land, we can turn it into gardens, see pictures, before and after. A message from the Minister of Rocky Gardens, the New Government of BC!

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