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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mr Putin , Congratulations !

Give credit where credit is due and move on.  Mr Putin slams USA and Mr Kerryon  with GMOs, and suggests everyone join him in providing good organic food for all the people. Our understanding is that Mr Putin Told Round-Up Ready Monsanto to pack their bags. 
Investors in Monsanto are switching investments to shovels, they will be in demand by the present employees of Monsanto who ( a lie or maybe not) are already getting their walking papers. Gardening is just as healthy as walking and you will be able to eat as well. Shovels may be in short supply as people in Netherlands , are looking for shovels as is Turkey,  where we will be watching the radiation affect from Russia's nuclear plant disaster.  Russia needs more tanks melted down, and Mr Putin knows you can make a lot of shovels out of one tank. Keep up the good work Mr Putin and if you have a extra shovel send one to Mr Kerryon .

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