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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gold Mining Investors

Baritte Gold Investors, time to bale out. They make a mess where they go, environmentally and socially. This time in Chile. Ripping up the Earth, Poisoning everything , To get Gold, to stick it in a Vault , and pretend you have something valuable ? It is a soft shiny rock ! That is all that it is, it has some practical uses.
That Company needs to be crashed.
Stop buying Gold! Sell yours, flood the market, the crash of gold can come any time, it may be a fast decline, and long lasting, well it is just a rock that's soft and shiny and we don't have any or any need for soft shiny rocks.
Next job, 5 apple trees to clean up around and see what needs doing . Minister for less Money Slaves attending, welcome to those so inclined. Victoria BC from the garden.
P. S . Canadian Pension Funds are invested in that company.

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