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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prune plum drying

There is no law in the country against having a Garden Party, We are taking invitations. There is no limit on how long the party will last, but some other partys will soon be finished. There is no limit on how many can come to a Garden Party. Invite the world and see who comes. It will help us to reach the Goal of being able to feed ourselves in 8 years.  As everything else falls apart, we will eat!
   FREE FROM TAX and committee meeting. Appoint yourself In charge, learn as you go, find your way . Or if you know of some neglected prune plum trees in Victoria, they are getting ripe now.  The plums can be cut in half length ways to remove pit.  When drying push the skin side in the middle of each half to expose more flesh, place on screen flesh side up. If this is done in the early morning on a sunny day and the screens are kept tilted to the sun, by the end of the day they will be partly dried.  They should be taken indoors for the night and put back out the next morning. This will take a few days, of course the lower the humidity the less time.  What works well for any fruit or mushroom drying is a source of heat beneath screens and taking off the dry product from the bottom screens when ready.  Store in air tight containers in the dark and if possible a cool place.  Sliced apples and pears dry even faster than plums.  
    We have grape plants ready to go and in a year or two you could have raisins.

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