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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garden Party Ministers

On Dec. 21st, 2012 is the unofficial birth date of the Garden Party. These are some of its self appointed ministers:
Minister of the Underground who is also Minister of the Environment. The Minister is somewhere in Quebec and we have had contact recently but he has  gone back underground . He accepts the blame for shutting down Quebec's only Nuclear Plant. 
The Minister For More Unemployment is brilliant. The Minister is having continued successes , more people are getting released from Slave Labour doing useless work. Thank you Minister for slowing down Ikea sales of toxic glue board office desks.
Our Minister of Numerology, taking care of all our budgets and pay has vanished with our future profits.  No matter , we have balanced our books on top of the fence posts surrounding our nursery.  We pay as we go.
We are waiting to hear from our Senator from Prince Edward Island. We could always benefit from someone who knows how to grow the best potatoes. Welcome to the Garden Party, Senator, and best wishes from our beaming Unemployment Minister. And of course our Health Minister suggests all Senators pick up a hoe and get out in the Garden.  You will be healthy , you will stay out of trouble , you will do something of value and you will actually know where you live.
This is a message from our Minister of Propaganda reminding Old Age Pensioners ;  with the collapsing markets of gold, the Nuclear Industry, the gladiators and guns industries, and the cosmetic industry, that the pension funds will dry up, grow a garden . Get the kids in the Garden and start Kindred Gardens.  A pension you can bank on.  

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  1. straight talk eloquently put, just when I think (it happens again and again) the entire Internet is a compost heap (filled with toxic waste and unsuitable for any use especially growing) I pass by here and am ... renewed, thanks

    (there is a picture of my garden here: )