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Monday, May 13, 2013

Closing Down Heal Lake Dump

Tourists to Victoria BC. I must apologize, our valid attempt to stop local governments from draining Heal Lake and turning it into a toxic dump failed. We know that we have take responsibility for our so called garbage, all resources . Today we are announcing from the High Seat of government, that all Dumps must be closed as Dumps, In 9 years. They are to converted to Resource Recovery, 100 %, and they can mine the dump we just made , and return Heal Lake. We have already initiated action in this direction, and we didn't even wait for an election. Look How much we can do , while our Finance Minister, who appears to have a real allergy to money Is going to court so he has the right to sleep all day! And our minister of Propagation is still holding the wrong end of the shovel, and our Minister of the Environment is still in Quebec preaching at some university, about the importance of clean groundwater.
There will be a lot of resources going to the Heal Lake Dump after this election. We where thinking of sending all the politicians to the dump to clean it up, I doubt any of them would have the qualifications to be given the job, depending on their background, we may be able to put them in charge of shovel, we developed a training on the job program. We treat every Party equally, even if you are green , we will find something for you.
Humbly , a message from the Garden Party, the New Government of BC, that is My Government ? Who is Yours?
And Tourists, don't worry about the smell, it more likely your own sewage, and we do have an Election that going on and it stinks . Some people just cannot handle a breath of fresh air.

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