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Thursday, May 30, 2013

BC Tourists Work

The New Government of BC welcomes all working tourists and insists that all tourists work when they tour the province, of course this is not a law , it is just an "Insistent". A new word invented by the Garden Party. It replaces Legislation and creates a unemployment crisis for waste papers factory workers, lawyers, police etc. Our Minister For More Unemployment is very busy, and insists that if tourists work we would have more unemployment and maybe go on a tour ourselves. . The illegal elected government and waste paper factories only want useless tourists and their money, to pay for their ever increasing budgets. The Garden Party has found the perfect solution; Ignore Elected Governments. If they are not bent when they get into office, they always seem to get bent in office . Warning should be placed on all office doors.  Prolonged stays may give you the Bends .
     Do not spend any money in Canada, it will increase employment. We have far to many people making a mess now. 
Bring your own shovel, it will be accepted by all border guards as they too will soon be working in the Garden.
     This is a Message from The Minister of Common Sense, and the new self appointed government of BC, inviting all refugees from everywhere to come to P.E.I.  and hide in the Senetors Potatoe Patch, he has been away and diagnosed with the Bends. It seems to be a contagious communicable disease in all forms of Goverenment.

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