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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Some folks might not like the idea of austerity but the rest of the planet would welcome the fresh air. Money is on its way out, so are all forms of governance, we are evolving, breaking old and stale conditioning, and preparing for a huge change. Regardless of Globe Warming, but regardful of climate change. Austerity, waste not, always consider the Real Costs, Money is not a real value, What it is made of, paper and metal, has value but so does toilet paper. As money becomes worthless the controllers lose control, their empires will crash with it, they are on thin ice, and we have a little salt to put on your peas. The nursery looks good but now is the time for kindred garden. A
Message put out for the Minister of the Environment as he is still in Quebec trying to find out where their pension funds are invested, who is putting blood money in your wallet ? And teachers of kids, where are you investing ?

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