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Friday, May 31, 2013

Just taking care of business ,

The only elected political party in provincial or federal governments not to be tainted by scandals or theft was a farmers party of Manitoba a long time ago. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is a definition of insanity.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inside Information

This Occupation Apple Tree idea came after one meeting with the Occupation Movement at City Hall. We decided to have an Occupation of abandoned fruit trees instead. The Occupation movement was calling for food sustainability. We offered our ideas, but when we saw committee meetings  occupy offices in stead of trees,   we went on our own and set a doable goal, 10 years to get BC to feed BC .

BC Tourists Work

The New Government of BC welcomes all working tourists and insists that all tourists work when they tour the province, of course this is not a law , it is just an "Insistent". A new word invented by the Garden Party. It replaces Legislation and creates a unemployment crisis for waste papers factory workers, lawyers, police etc. Our Minister For More Unemployment is very busy, and insists that if tourists work we would have more unemployment and maybe go on a tour ourselves. . The illegal elected government and waste paper factories only want useless tourists and their money, to pay for their ever increasing budgets. The Garden Party has found the perfect solution; Ignore Elected Governments. If they are not bent when they get into office, they always seem to get bent in office . Warning should be placed on all office doors.  Prolonged stays may give you the Bends .
     Do not spend any money in Canada, it will increase employment. We have far to many people making a mess now. 
Bring your own shovel, it will be accepted by all border guards as they too will soon be working in the Garden.
     This is a Message from The Minister of Common Sense, and the new self appointed government of BC, inviting all refugees from everywhere to come to P.E.I.  and hide in the Senetors Potatoe Patch, he has been away and diagnosed with the Bends. It seems to be a contagious communicable disease in all forms of Goverenment.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prune plum drying

There is no law in the country against having a Garden Party, We are taking invitations. There is no limit on how long the party will last, but some other partys will soon be finished. There is no limit on how many can come to a Garden Party. Invite the world and see who comes. It will help us to reach the Goal of being able to feed ourselves in 8 years.  As everything else falls apart, we will eat!
   FREE FROM TAX and committee meeting. Appoint yourself In charge, learn as you go, find your way . Or if you know of some neglected prune plum trees in Victoria, they are getting ripe now.  The plums can be cut in half length ways to remove pit.  When drying push the skin side in the middle of each half to expose more flesh, place on screen flesh side up. If this is done in the early morning on a sunny day and the screens are kept tilted to the sun, by the end of the day they will be partly dried.  They should be taken indoors for the night and put back out the next morning. This will take a few days, of course the lower the humidity the less time.  What works well for any fruit or mushroom drying is a source of heat beneath screens and taking off the dry product from the bottom screens when ready.  Store in air tight containers in the dark and if possible a cool place.  Sliced apples and pears dry even faster than plums.  
    We have grape plants ready to go and in a year or two you could have raisins.

Mr Putin , Congratulations !

Give credit where credit is due and move on.  Mr Putin slams USA and Mr Kerryon  with GMOs, and suggests everyone join him in providing good organic food for all the people. Our understanding is that Mr Putin Told Round-Up Ready Monsanto to pack their bags. 
Investors in Monsanto are switching investments to shovels, they will be in demand by the present employees of Monsanto who ( a lie or maybe not) are already getting their walking papers. Gardening is just as healthy as walking and you will be able to eat as well. Shovels may be in short supply as people in Netherlands , are looking for shovels as is Turkey,  where we will be watching the radiation affect from Russia's nuclear plant disaster.  Russia needs more tanks melted down, and Mr Putin knows you can make a lot of shovels out of one tank. Keep up the good work Mr Putin and if you have a extra shovel send one to Mr Kerryon .

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garden Party Ministers

On Dec. 21st, 2012 is the unofficial birth date of the Garden Party. These are some of its self appointed ministers:
Minister of the Underground who is also Minister of the Environment. The Minister is somewhere in Quebec and we have had contact recently but he has  gone back underground . He accepts the blame for shutting down Quebec's only Nuclear Plant. 
The Minister For More Unemployment is brilliant. The Minister is having continued successes , more people are getting released from Slave Labour doing useless work. Thank you Minister for slowing down Ikea sales of toxic glue board office desks.
Our Minister of Numerology, taking care of all our budgets and pay has vanished with our future profits.  No matter , we have balanced our books on top of the fence posts surrounding our nursery.  We pay as we go.
We are waiting to hear from our Senator from Prince Edward Island. We could always benefit from someone who knows how to grow the best potatoes. Welcome to the Garden Party, Senator, and best wishes from our beaming Unemployment Minister. And of course our Health Minister suggests all Senators pick up a hoe and get out in the Garden.  You will be healthy , you will stay out of trouble , you will do something of value and you will actually know where you live.
This is a message from our Minister of Propaganda reminding Old Age Pensioners ;  with the collapsing markets of gold, the Nuclear Industry, the gladiators and guns industries, and the cosmetic industry, that the pension funds will dry up, grow a garden . Get the kids in the Garden and start Kindred Gardens.  A pension you can bank on.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gold Mining Investors

Baritte Gold Investors, time to bale out. They make a mess where they go, environmentally and socially. This time in Chile. Ripping up the Earth, Poisoning everything , To get Gold, to stick it in a Vault , and pretend you have something valuable ? It is a soft shiny rock ! That is all that it is, it has some practical uses.
That Company needs to be crashed.
Stop buying Gold! Sell yours, flood the market, the crash of gold can come any time, it may be a fast decline, and long lasting, well it is just a rock that's soft and shiny and we don't have any or any need for soft shiny rocks.
Next job, 5 apple trees to clean up around and see what needs doing . Minister for less Money Slaves attending, welcome to those so inclined. Victoria BC from the garden.
P. S . Canadian Pension Funds are invested in that company.

Monsanto Investor Advice

The only way to really know that the food you are eating, is to get it from growers worthy of trust, or grow the food yourself , taking control of our seeds and production, world wide. That is a sure way to draw the curtains on those blinded by the glitter of money. Yes Monsanto has been a money machine for investors, but all good things must come to an end. Leaving a wake of destruction behind their butts is something informed investors need to hear. Share the Profits. Share the Blame, for poisoning the earth and the people . This is Investor Advice from The Garden Party International, Dump All Investments in Monsanto Immediately! We have information from "outside the box", sell now and you may lose a cuff, hang on and lose your shirt. Monsanto is finished people around the world are dumping them. Take our free advice, DUMP Monsanto! Who is putting money in your wallet?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Out Side The Box #2

The Socialist/ Communist Health Care System we have in BC could save a lot of costs; resources , energy, and wasted labour , by dropping the registration and payment plans. The money collected go to the always complicated waste paper factories run by civil servants who grow into " fiefdoms " , consuming more than they are collecting, adding on extra " things " to pay for, to keep up to date technology ,more staff etc etc , higher premiums on and on. What a waste of everybody's time! Anyone can go to hospital and accepted for treatment, even if you are homeless and without ID. Whether you get fixed or finished, that the risk you take,
Now, we just laid off a lot of people, not just a whole bunch of civil servants, think of the private sector, all the carpenters , plumbers, delivery trucks,recycling trucks, garbage trucks, yes just this one action and there will a lot of people with not much to do , I say grab a shovel, we have a garden space available , Pat Bay Highway and Tanner Area and lots more to do of we want to get BC able to feed everybody . A message from Your Pay As We Go Government . Have a nice day.

Not For Sale

The biggest contributors to the BC Liberal Party in the last 7 years ; Natural Gas , Mining, Coal, Forestry , and the Car and Oil industries. And of course Developers who build Monuments to the Glory of Money. Since 2005, 46 million bucks that are recorded. Considering the corruption that it seems all Governments are or become , who knows how much more passes under the table in many different ways. These "gifts" are not given without the expectation of "gets". Pubic paid highways, air and sea ports, land, water rights, resource give away. Serving Money and billing the future, insane. We have evolved beyond this and have every right to expect public servants to serve the pubic, yet up to now, Money talks and People have little say. That is changing now. Join the Evolution ! Have a Garden Party, and invite us old grumpy people, who never stopped kicking. Everyday is another day closer to paradise.
The first pea flower.

Working Brentwood

Brushing under prune plum trees today .

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Canadian pension funds

Our pensions are coming from highway tolls on the people of Chile,  from the racing gladiators, and the arms industry. The people of Chile should not tolerate the toll, we are grounding all the flying gladiators and we are shutting down the arms industry world wide. I guess we will soon lose all our pensions, better to invest in Gardens, at least we can eat.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The PDC to The USA and USSR

The Cold War , USA-USSR, was started by America and ended by Russia . Canada was an participant. There was a lot of money made by the arms industry in the US during the war, and more war was good for the economy to increase their fortunes. Money has plenty of voice in almost every government. History tells us quite clearly how the cold ended . The Peoples Diplomatic Core sent a message directly to Premier Gorbachev and, when he got things ready, he made the announcement in New York, the cold war was over. That Day Russia had a huge earthquake, Gorbachev was going to tour of USA but went back to Russia, tens of thousands of people died, he had to return. Yes the US busted Russia financially. Gorbachev ended the arms race, but not the Arms Industry of Russia. The US arms race in all it's forms, has only now slowed down a bit.
This message is not for the governments of Russia and USA but for the People ; Shut Down Your Military Industrial Production, in both countries, just like we will do here in Canada, and Kim Jung-un in NK will do. We know our elected government won't. Who is putting money in their wallet? Make our stand, take control, make your own Government just like we have done here in the consumer capital , Canada. We just had our first 21st of every month Do Nothing Day . No buying, no selling, no war , complete success! Join in the excitement and Do Nothing next 21 st. You might just find out what you have been missing.

Garden Space Waiting

With Green House, 17 fruit trees ; 2 pear, peach,2 plums, cherry, the rest apples, and a few raspberry and lots of fennel . Necessary work done, more pruning after fruiting, trees healthy, nice place.
Next job shrub removal from under 10 plum trees, different location.

Peas and debt

Which is growing faster?