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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Fuss is over

The Garden Party today, publicly declared the BC provincial election a fraud. We will continue working to achieve our goals, set policies and by participatory democracy build a real people's government, for now you will have to put up with a dictatorship.
We will be working on health, education , environment , poverty, unemployment , forestry, mining, agriculture, fisheries, military ,we will cover it all.
The first focus and priority is food security for BC in 9 years. The first year effort has exceeded expectations on Van Island, with five locations being worked on directly, including a small nursery. 4 spots in the Fraser Valley all a work in progress, all growing this year, and the same can be said for projects elsewhere in the province. All projects will be posted on line and updated as work progresses.
Tomorrow, preparing a small garden where there was none before, Mt. Douglas area, Victoria. Also hope to get five apple trees cleaned around in Saanich and
In Brentwood 8 old sweet prune plums trees need help, no tree left behind.
No legislation, zero budget, no tax write off, jobs getting done.
The Garden Party, vote with what you do. Vote early and vote often.

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