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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ikea Toxic ?

Yes, all furniture made with pressboard is toxic and releases bad gases into your air for at least a decade, it is toxic to groundwater and just as toxic to burn. Best solution : Stop Buying Pressboard ! As a building material it is garbage. Start woodworking in schools at the same time you start gardening in schools , kindergarden. This message comes to you from the Minister of Common Sense
of the new government of BC. The Garden Party has cancelled the elections because people with no money are not allowed to
run in a election. This disenfranchises 20 , to 30 percent of the population, Our Coup has been successful , We will now govern from the Garden. We have Zero Budget and determined to stay out of debt. We pay as we go ,and a lot can be done with a Zero Budget, just think how much damage was done, by elected Partys with less than nothing, debt. Our First government action and call for involvement in participatory government . From the garden, So go out to the garden and think about what to do to bring about making BC food secure , in 9 years.

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