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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The Garden Party acts, policies and achievable goals are as follows.
Take over control and direction of our selves and Be a part of the new government of BC.
Make BC food self reliant in 9 years.
Convert military to emergency response in 10 years.
Reduce all harmful chemicals with a goal of 10 percent per year, self regulated.
This includes tobacco , gasoline , cosmetics , cleaners, herbicides , pesticides ,glues and preservatives. Less is better, and again self regulated.
No legislation is needed, no bureaucracy , no law, no policeman, no judge or jail, no pensions to pay, and with Zero Budget and no Debt. We can let our Minister of Finance sleep 24 hours a day !
Rethink Education. Life skills, sewing, gardening, food preparation, animal husbandry, wood and metal work, fauna and flora identification.

Reading, writing, math, history, science , can all be thought with life skills. Everyone leaving school with portable wealth instead of a debt, and they can be an social asset where ever they go. This can be done without a Minister of Propaganda, budget, or Legislation. Our methods are adaptable to every school, we are now looking for teachers who are self funded and have skills to share.
Be the Government. It is an important big job and responsibility for all of us to take on and affect change we need now.
A Message from Louie's Garden Party.

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