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Monday, April 1, 2013

Garden Party of Canada Press Release

Newfoundland has picked up The Garden Party so we are now a national coast to coast party. Looking for international connections. Anyone can run, more than one per riding is acceptable, giving voters more choices. The homeless and moneyless of Victoria have picked up the Garden Party banner and are raising money by selling Free Speech for $250.
$250 is now what BC requires to run in provincial elections. So if you have no money, shut up and do what what you are told, you no longer have free speech, but you can still plant a garden if it is in a pot and you can carry it around during the day . The Right to Sleep Law brought about by David A Johnston is only good for the night.
The peas are up and the debt is growing across the country no matter the season or weather conditions. Some weeds are tenacious and must be hand pulled. Best removed by " Stop Buying" . This product is now available at all big box stores across the country. Save the oceans, get yours now and rattle the cages, vote for gardens!

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  1. April Fool it may be ... BUT, it is the best news I have seen on this global compost heap (what they call the Internet) since 'Back to the Garden' ... thanks.