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Monday, April 29, 2013

Next Job

Finished for now Diana's yard. Turned a big old compost, used some to revitalize a old garden bed , planted some peas, limbed branches off a spreading cherry plum to let more sun get on a grape vine in the neighbors yard, more to happen here later. Different place tomorrow, apple trees to look at, 5 or 6. When work is done here Chilliwack is next.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Objector

It is important for every government to be keenly interested in any objector. Big or small, there is a problem if there an objector, as small as misunderstanding, as big as Fast Ferries and Lotteries, thanks to the NDP not listening to Objectors. The attempt to sell off the Provincial highway Hope to Kamloops the last Liberals were forced to listen to objectors, but they stole the Railway. If there was any justice in our present system, every government should be thrown in jail after their term in office.
The Garden Party invites all objectors to any thing I, Louis Lesosky, say or do to post your objection and start a dialog. We need all the help we can get.
A Release from the self appointed new government of BC, The Garden Party, going down, deep.
A release a day should keep things moving, just cut back on the waste paper.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Fuss is over

The Garden Party today, publicly declared the BC provincial election a fraud. We will continue working to achieve our goals, set policies and by participatory democracy build a real people's government, for now you will have to put up with a dictatorship.
We will be working on health, education , environment , poverty, unemployment , forestry, mining, agriculture, fisheries, military ,we will cover it all.
The first focus and priority is food security for BC in 9 years. The first year effort has exceeded expectations on Van Island, with five locations being worked on directly, including a small nursery. 4 spots in the Fraser Valley all a work in progress, all growing this year, and the same can be said for projects elsewhere in the province. All projects will be posted on line and updated as work progresses.
Tomorrow, preparing a small garden where there was none before, Mt. Douglas area, Victoria. Also hope to get five apple trees cleaned around in Saanich and
In Brentwood 8 old sweet prune plums trees need help, no tree left behind.
No legislation, zero budget, no tax write off, jobs getting done.
The Garden Party, vote with what you do. Vote early and vote often.


That should be enough to issue a rake, shovel and hoe for each member of the military and there may be enough left over to give to the Green Party members so they can dig down to rediscover their roots.

Will not be muzzled

     All government workers and military personnel agree to lose their freedom to speak, Gardeners do not agree to lose their freedom to speak and continue to dig, Get your shovel and vote early and vote often.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The race is on

at 1102 fort st. Garden party election rejection gathering ! Gardeners are mobilizing all over BC voting early and often . The debt is speeding but the peas are slow, steady and a real asset.

Figs and Grapes

Working with Growing Young Farmer , Victoria, about 100 Concord and 50 small sweet seedless grape cutting getting started today, also 5 one year old fig trees leaving to get planted. A good day, election rejection starts early tomorrow.

Removing Deadwood

Getting Concord Grape cutting, would like to start 60 in large pots to plant somewhere next year. Friday will be disqualifying elections, welcome to join us, address will be posted tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The Garden Party acts, policies and achievable goals are as follows.
Take over control and direction of our selves and Be a part of the new government of BC.
Make BC food self reliant in 9 years.
Convert military to emergency response in 10 years.
Reduce all harmful chemicals with a goal of 10 percent per year, self regulated.
This includes tobacco , gasoline , cosmetics , cleaners, herbicides , pesticides ,glues and preservatives. Less is better, and again self regulated.
No legislation is needed, no bureaucracy , no law, no policeman, no judge or jail, no pensions to pay, and with Zero Budget and no Debt. We can let our Minister of Finance sleep 24 hours a day !
Rethink Education. Life skills, sewing, gardening, food preparation, animal husbandry, wood and metal work, fauna and flora identification.

Reading, writing, math, history, science , can all be thought with life skills. Everyone leaving school with portable wealth instead of a debt, and they can be an social asset where ever they go. This can be done without a Minister of Propaganda, budget, or Legislation. Our methods are adaptable to every school, we are now looking for teachers who are self funded and have skills to share.
Be the Government. It is an important big job and responsibility for all of us to take on and affect change we need now.
A Message from Louie's Garden Party.

Voting Yesterday. Robo call.

With shovels , West Saanich, Cordova Bay and Down town.


The Garden Party is growing faster than the Debt Clock. Self appointed Minister of Finance who likes burning money wants to sleep all night and now wants to sleep all day too. Who is going to burn the money? Since Elections are on, I guess gladiators will burn a fair amount of tax payers money giving our MF a break. And the self appointed Minister of Propaganda runs around with a shovel all day but never sticks it in the ground. Our Minister of Enviroment left for Quebec, we could not find a gardener in the list of Green Party candidates, position is still open. At any rate more ground to turn tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Garden

Lots of compost to dig in. This is in Cadburo bay area with cherry and apple trees. Couple day job, very nice lady. Just a small garden this year but who knows, could be the whole place in time. And next fence over, a elder who some nice fruit bearing trees , a beautiful yard, he is running out of ability to do all that is necessary. Schools Get Involved!
This is a message from MCS (minister of common sense) Garden Party. Do we need a minister of education ? We already have a self appointed Minister
Of Propaganda.

Monday, April 22, 2013


About 50 plums trees in Brentwood to clean up around . Going there this afternoon. Will post pics later.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, No More War Day

Next No More War Day May 22 . Peas on Earth.


Perhaps to gain lost ground the Liberals should get shovels. The young fellow looks like he is ready to go to work. How about more life skills in schools? Teachers, the ones who have life skills, who are teaching , don't wait for the premier to ok gardening , The Garden Party will help if you need it. This can be done on a zero budget , pay as we go. GO !

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ikea Toxic ?

Yes, all furniture made with pressboard is toxic and releases bad gases into your air for at least a decade, it is toxic to groundwater and just as toxic to burn. Best solution : Stop Buying Pressboard ! As a building material it is garbage. Start woodworking in schools at the same time you start gardening in schools , kindergarden. This message comes to you from the Minister of Common Sense
of the new government of BC. The Garden Party has cancelled the elections because people with no money are not allowed to
run in a election. This disenfranchises 20 , to 30 percent of the population, Our Coup has been successful , We will now govern from the Garden. We have Zero Budget and determined to stay out of debt. We pay as we go ,and a lot can be done with a Zero Budget, just think how much damage was done, by elected Partys with less than nothing, debt. Our First government action and call for involvement in participatory government . From the garden, So go out to the garden and think about what to do to bring about making BC food secure , in 9 years.