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Saturday, March 30, 2013

To Kim Jong-un

You will not win a war with the US , be patient. The world monetary capitalist systems are collapsing and a war is just what could keep it going. The military industry loves wars, or money. I would not be surprised if they tried to get you to start a war. They could call their action defensive. You look bad, they look good. Better to call on all nations to rid the world of nuclear weapons, let the capital system crash, it might just be a blessing in disguise.
Have a long, healthy, and peaceful life.
From Canada, The People's Diplomatic Core.

Back to the Garden

Occupation Apple Tree is continuing to evolve. The idea is now to develop experimental gardens all over BC. The first location we have started right here in Saanich. Figs, raspberry, grapes, garlic, potatoes. In planning stages,development of a traveling crew to get things done. We maintain a zero budget, we have no debt and we work with what we have.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Busy with gardens, will not be at Granville Island public market this week.

Help has arrived

Forget the pictures, let's get to work!

Lawn Garden

Another garden, helping out another young gardener get started. Also looking for more garden space and fruit trees in Victoria. Let the banks crash, pull your stash, bank on food, money can give you indigestion, stress and ulcers.

Monday, March 25, 2013


BC provincial elections now require 75 signatures and $250 dollars to run for your life. Always more paper work, when will we even learn? Will be on the streets tomorrow, and being optimistic, gardening the Legislature lawns in May. Join in and bring a shovel, and practice participatory democracy.

Panda Bears

Perhaps the prime minister would be a good zoo keeper. We could sent him back to China with those cuddly pandas and stop this insanity of trying to maintain a monetary system that will destroy our natural life support system. The potential of ending human life on this planet is real. The evidence is overwhelming, oceans are going to die if we continue what we are collectively doing. By the rule of money and law, we are basically enslaved to support a crime against humanity. When native youth can walk from the Hudson Bay to Ottawa during the coldest part of winter, it should inspire every one us to make the changes needed for ongoing life. Grow a garden, make space available, offer your ideas and skills, be good stewards. Thank you First Nations Youth.
The Garden Party.

New Gardeners

Follow the Pea for the B C election and The Garden Party. Drop in to the office, the Garbage Guru, 5090West Saanich Rd.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Instant Garden

Garden Party action: nursery and garden expansion 5090 West saanich rd today. The coup is complete, this is participatory government in action, goal: BC self reliant food supply in 10 years. Instant Garden Photos :kitchen waste and planter pot with rough organic materials covering bottom, soil on top, plant and you have a mini garden.

Garden Party of B C update

This is just an announcement of and a welcome to the Garden Party of BC. The Garden Party is social political action movement. Back to the Garden, reduce energy consumption, practice economy, decrease waste, develop local food self sustainability. First candidate planning to run on Vancouver Island.
2 more possible candidates Van Is and One on Salt Spring Island. The garden party is growing!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ground the Gladiators

More playing less paying. The energy waste, the paid hipsters, to watch tax write off corporate funded flying gladiators. How about more less organized local sports, do it, take the kids, invite others, have fun, stay healthy. Pay less and grow a garden, just like M Obama..