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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Kim Jong-un

This is a message to Kim Jong-un, Leader of North Korea.  In Canada a occupation movement was started Dec 21st 2011 named 'No More War'.  Jan 21 2012  this will be followed an movement to convert the Canadian military to a emergency response team. We should be able to accomplish this goal within 5 years. Most people here, including military personnel (who are not allowed to speak openly) agree privately. There is some disturbing news about political prisoners in your country. If you allow peaceful dissent and released political prisoners,  used a small part of your military as emergency response, to help prisoners return to normal life, and perhaps listen to their complaints, your actions would be noticed around the world. If you offered to disarm your military on the condition that all the world military disarm and convert to emergency response, you would be loved world wide by all people tired of war. You are in a position to change the whole world by your actions and aid us in converting our military to 'Emergency Response'. Happy New Year Kim Jong-un, your family and all the people of North Korea.    From Louis Lesosky,; not sure how get this to Kim, forward please, report back his response. Thank you and may you also have a peaceful new year.

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