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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Year. O.A.T.

 From memory.   Since it seems that nothing happens without money, and without money you have no say.  No money,  no gas,  no truck,  no food.  People need to be in control of their food and energy supplies.   Occupation Apple Tree's Goal is ; Food locally supplied with a distribution system in community control.  Through out  B.C.  Every Community.  IN TEN YEARS.  The first idle no more action was to take on any abandoned fruit trees on southern Vancouver Island. More trees were offered in the Frazier Vally,  later in the interior.  Total of about 400 trees.  Brush  from around the trees and  lower dead wood with easy to reach pruning has been done.  Some trees are done completely.  A small piece of land was made available.   The plan for it is a nursery with lots of plums,  clean up of the land has been ongoing.  I would like to connect with anyone who likes to do this kind of work.  Anywhere in B.C.     To share, create employment, teach and learn skills growing healthy clean food in a sustainable manner for the local folks.   This is a self government action, low cost budget self funded and has had results of several tones of apples, pears, plums given away for free this past year. 

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