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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tanks for garden tools

Occupation "No More War" is the continuing of my idea of the occupation movement.   This is an invitation to join me to peacefully bring down all military, worldwide.  Here is a good place to start.  For now it is just me doing a second 21st of the month "Occupation Shut Down Our Military" at Esq Navy Base
gate, noon till one or..........forever, perhaps we try evolution instead of revolution.  And being gardening is more productive than farming, "Tanks for garden tools" would be better than "swords for plows". At any rate, there are not many swords and one tank could be turned into a lot of pruning tools.  Perhaps we could start by pruning off the new and no longer needed new jets for killing we are about to purchase.  Also it is time to start our own direct dipolmatic connections with our distant relatives.  "Emergency Response" would truly be International Defence. "No More War" and Happy NEW YEARS.   Coming soon, communications with the leader of North Korea, when you stop ideling you should see real results.  Today gardening in Victoria area.


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