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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Return of the Commons

Occupation apple tree is a project developing. Taking care of neglected fruit trees freely, which is happening. Second step , finding others who would like to work with me on the project. The project is developing differently on different locations, examples; one location the owner said do what you want and take it all, another is mushrooms for pears, another is done for the local community to pick, another spot we are cleaning up to plant trees and start a nursery, one place is developing community gardens and another composting and planter pot nursery and garden. Locations are spreading north and east and locals are involved in each area. If you have land or trees that you might make available or if you are interested in participating,


  1. I need a pole saw for trimming my garden trees. I shared it with my uncle he told me to visit here and also said to me that I could found from here different kind of good quality pole saw. If you had more insight into it, I would much appreciate it. Thank you.