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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Return of the Commons

Occupation apple tree is a project developing. Taking care of neglected fruit trees freely, which is happening. Second step , finding others who would like to work with me on the project. The project is developing differently on different locations, examples; one location the owner said do what you want and take it all, another is mushrooms for pears, another is done for the local community to pick, another spot we are cleaning up to plant trees and start a nursery, one place is developing community gardens and another composting and planter pot nursery and garden. Locations are spreading north and east and locals are involved in each area. If you have land or trees that you might make available or if you are interested in participating,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Year. O.A.T.

 From memory.   Since it seems that nothing happens without money, and without money you have no say.  No money,  no gas,  no truck,  no food.  People need to be in control of their food and energy supplies.   Occupation Apple Tree's Goal is ; Food locally supplied with a distribution system in community control.  Through out  B.C.  Every Community.  IN TEN YEARS.  The first idle no more action was to take on any abandoned fruit trees on southern Vancouver Island. More trees were offered in the Frazier Vally,  later in the interior.  Total of about 400 trees.  Brush  from around the trees and  lower dead wood with easy to reach pruning has been done.  Some trees are done completely.  A small piece of land was made available.   The plan for it is a nursery with lots of plums,  clean up of the land has been ongoing.  I would like to connect with anyone who likes to do this kind of work.  Anywhere in B.C.     To share, create employment, teach and learn skills growing healthy clean food in a sustainable manner for the local folks.   This is a self government action, low cost budget self funded and has had results of several tones of apples, pears, plums given away for free this past year. 

occupation NO MORE WAR

Jan 21st Esquimalt Navy Base at gate noon till........the world is free from weapons of mass destruction.  Stop the export of Canadian made arms for killing and convert military to emergency response. Feel free to make your view known at any military base or arms for bucks location anywhere and everywhere on the 21st of every month until goal is attained. Stay in touch, idle no more.


   Grandville Island Public Market Thur Jan 17

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Kim Jong-un

This is a message to Kim Jong-un, Leader of North Korea.  In Canada a occupation movement was started Dec 21st 2011 named 'No More War'.  Jan 21 2012  this will be followed an movement to convert the Canadian military to a emergency response team. We should be able to accomplish this goal within 5 years. Most people here, including military personnel (who are not allowed to speak openly) agree privately. There is some disturbing news about political prisoners in your country. If you allow peaceful dissent and released political prisoners,  used a small part of your military as emergency response, to help prisoners return to normal life, and perhaps listen to their complaints, your actions would be noticed around the world. If you offered to disarm your military on the condition that all the world military disarm and convert to emergency response, you would be loved world wide by all people tired of war. You are in a position to change the whole world by your actions and aid us in converting our military to 'Emergency Response'. Happy New Year Kim Jong-un, your family and all the people of North Korea.    From Louis Lesosky,; not sure how get this to Kim, forward please, report back his response. Thank you and may you also have a peaceful new year.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tanks for garden tools

Occupation "No More War" is the continuing of my idea of the occupation movement.   This is an invitation to join me to peacefully bring down all military, worldwide.  Here is a good place to start.  For now it is just me doing a second 21st of the month "Occupation Shut Down Our Military" at Esq Navy Base
gate, noon till one or..........forever, perhaps we try evolution instead of revolution.  And being gardening is more productive than farming, "Tanks for garden tools" would be better than "swords for plows". At any rate, there are not many swords and one tank could be turned into a lot of pruning tools.  Perhaps we could start by pruning off the new and no longer needed new jets for killing we are about to purchase.  Also it is time to start our own direct dipolmatic connections with our distant relatives.  "Emergency Response" would truly be International Defence. "No More War" and Happy NEW YEARS.   Coming soon, communications with the leader of North Korea, when you stop ideling you should see real results.  Today gardening in Victoria area.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

the end of the world is over

Working around Victoria for now, may go back to mainland if someone comes up with our trailer dryer which disappeared between Merry  Xmas and Happy New Year.  Will post Pictures when I learn how, 2013 is expected to be the best yet.