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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

Now Or Never

This is a new beginning, a birth of an idea, a political party without borders. Over the next days weeks months We will see how this sprout grows.

Monday, February 11, 2019


      An Idea!!! Townhouse, Community Meeting, starting a New Politcal Party, for now called The Garden Party. Our focus is the condition of our social and environmental state and what moves we can make to correct our local situation, with awareness of the greater community and the struggles many in this world have to deal with. 
     Now someone has to start this Garden Party, as it is my idea I guess it will be me. Who else is going to do it? And will it work and how will it be structured to have a result desired? One idea is to offer oneself as a Candidate to represent the riding at a public meeting, but to open the opportunity to all that attend to get involved and even to present themselves as a better choice for candidate, and leave that opportunity open from one meeting to the next meeting. This may bring out people who might be the best, hopefully would be the best, who are willing to stand as a candidate in the community for the next Federal Election.
     Just an idea, feel free to use it, right now it is just an idea. I get a lot of ideas, some I am working on daily, others sit on the back burner until the opportunity to crank up the heat comes or is created, sort of being the change rather than waiting for it. Ideas can come from anyone, and it does not matter from whom, or from how long ago, results will only be realized when we put into practice the ideas.
     Right now, in Quesnel, I am going to sleep on the idea, and consider its unlimited possibilities. It has been a cold spell but Spring must be close. Going back to Spences Bridge in a few days.

Monday, February 4, 2019


     Not hard for the Liberal voters to feel forked by Trudeau, and if you are one, and like all other parties as much as turnips, the Garden Party is a plum for you, shovel the Liberal Party aside and run as a Garden Party Independent. Are you a Conservative who thinks The Conservative Party is in the compost for Shier, drop the nut, keep your values, run for the Garden Party as an Independent. Has the NDP lost it's philosophic way, a long long time ago, I would say, rise up you Practicing Socialists and run for the Garden Party as Independants, ask yourself for permission, don't take no for an answer. The Green Party putting out your fire and picking your pocket, get fired up and run for the Garden Party as a Independant. Now that we have properly dealt with the main Political Party clutter, Independants and all other parties including Rhinos and Communists, can also run for the Inclusive Garden Party as Independants. We have a lot more in common than difference, and if we are all here for what is best, we will be diverse enough to figure out the rest. There is no way any Serious Garden Party Candidate will lose, the fires floods dead fish droughts and winds of catastrophe are in our favour. We connect and move forward to do what we must, regardless of election results. Results of Elections mean nothing, results of our actions mean something. It is only a few hundred people needed across the Country to fill up the election slate and take over the house of commons. Who cares enough, who feels the need to make a stand even a last stand, or even a first stand, a personal stand, and dig in, grass roots at its best, participatory Democracy in action. Your move. Run in the next Federal Election, need help, go up on your roof and yell "help", yell help on the street corner, yell help in church, yell help if you are drowning, yell help in school, if none of that works and you are not locked up by then, prune the grapes and yell help from the vineyard and on the web. In capital letters: HELP!!!! make life worth living. Run in the next elections!


     The meek shall inherit the earth, yeah a bare rock when the neoliberal nut bars with their freedom to exploit market economy takes full control of all resources and have dictators of their liking in all South American Countries, Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico with a left leaning President are soon to get the same treatment as Venezuela, squeeze, starve, blame, regime change takeover assets. It is already started in Canada, ten dollars a barrel for oil. If the US gets control of Venezuela's oil, which they will under the pup they are trying to put in power, Canada will get no more than 50 cents for a barrel of oil. By the way : lift the embargo on Maduro, sell him food, he is not a begger, he will feed the people, there are two sides, right now the CBC is giving only One. TeleSur news shows a different side. The inside.