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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


     The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture cultivates ideas. For example, if apricots are falling on the ground, and, because they are hard to catch, get bruised when the hit the ground, and there are too many to eat, and will be rotten before they get to market, they must be processed immediately. Canning is good if you have a few trees, but if you have fifty trees, even with 200 gladiators catching the falling apricots you would have difficulty canning all the bruised apricots that hit the ground. But with just two knife swinging gladiators, fifty trees of apricots can be sliced diced and pitted without loss of a single mature apricot. Considering about a ton (low estimate) of good apricots fall on the ground on average for each fruit farm in BC, that would be a million pounds every year. Not being exact on measurements is not really that important in this explanation, but more or less what would amount to about one hundred thousand pounds of good dry apricots are left to rot on the ground in BC every year. Add plums, peaches, grapes, apples, pears, berries, tomatoes, peppers, we are now talking in the millions of pounds of dried product left to rot when people are starving in refugee camps. Global warming can be slowed by the cooling effect of evaporation by sun drying of all those fruits and vegetables, we are talking hundreds of millions of litres of water just in the BC interior fruit growing areas. Dried foods are easy to transport bulk with very little packaging,  require no refrigeration, can be dropped from an airplane and tastes better than money. 
     Cultivating the Idea, that is what the Minister of Agriculture is in the process of doing, and is looking for getting the job done. Are you ready, or not, the hoeing Minister says move, or get out of the evolving way!   
     BC FEEDS BC IN FIVE OR SIX YEARS, the sooner the better, the Minister figures we can catch more apricots with the First Olumpit Games next year in Spences Bridge  BC, that will  bring in Apricot Catching gladiators from around the world to compete for the Solid Gold Plated Apricot. Just an Idea, as crazy as it sounds, you could still get some practice this year, and dry some falling Apricots.            


     Tomatoes, Apricots, and Cherries, all sun dried at Hilltop Garden Farms just east of Spences Bridge by the Minister of Agriculture for the Garden Party, Self Government of BC without borders. The Minister is leaving for  Manitoba in the morning on family matters with intentions to return, anyone interested in continuing drying fruit and vegetables for the farm and themselves get in touch with Louis at 604 928 3663, there is plenty to do in this world besides watching rerun movies and making money. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017


     Working with mentally challenged people, which most Canadians are, due to alcohol, pot, or too much schooling, has left the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture for BC behind on weeding, a job requiring skilled workers. With the Minister running around trying to catch apricots falling off trees with the slightest breeze, the weeds are grown to four foot trees that require a gladiator to pull out of the ground.
     The Garden Party Minister of Wreckcreation has come up with a Epic Solution. All Public Funded Olympic Training will now be done on farms. What better place to get in good physical shape than a farm. Making a social contribution that makes sense while getting in shape to make non-sense. Non-sense may have some entertainment value, but flying twenty thousand jets full of gladiators around for entertainment when they could be catching falling apricots before they hit the ground, make no sense to the newly Elected  Minister of Wreckcreation. 
     It is official, The Garden Party Self Government Without Borders has declared:  Catching Apricots a new event for the next Olympic Games. Training is now in progress at Hilltop Farms, Spences Bridge, come and catch the last apricots so the Minister of Hoeing can catch the weeds that got away while he was stuffing himself with every apricot he caught.  

Saturday, July 15, 2017


    What are your 12 year old Grandkids doing? Here is what two twelve year old kids are doing right now at Hilltop Gardens Camp Ground near Spences Bridge. With a little help from a couple of Grumpy Grand Pas. Lots of cherries and apricots available here for drying canning or filling your boots. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017


     Highway Market Farmers Fruit Sales are nil along the number one and they need sales to pay pickers and move out the cherries and apricots that are being picked, the closure of the highway traffic is putting farmers in a stress situation and they need to move out fruit now. The roads are open up to Ashcroft from Hope so if you can get up here to Hilltop Garden Farms and buy fruit to help out in a time of need, harness your horses and get your wagon up here now, every Farmer on the highway would deeply appreciate your business.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


     the Minister of Agriculture and Excommunication of Canadian Gold Mining Companies from his county, Buckina Faso, is looking at Hilltop Garden Farms Spences, for ideas that can be useful in Africa. To help out the local farmers, the Minister has started a new government educations  program for grandparents of Thirdteen year old grandchildren. 
    Take the kids and camp out at a Fruit and Vegitable Farm, that has a road side market, give the Farmer money to pay the kids to work in jobs they can do that need to be done, what an experience for city born and raised kids,  paid for work done, and the farmer, for time spent will end up with jobs done. Everyone Benefits, the youth, the Farmer and the Grandparent. Instead of Giving Money to Grandchildren, give them the gift of portable wealth, that can be spent for a lifetime. That would be a worthy investment, and that action is in progress right now at The Epic G2 Summit from the Campgrounds at Hilltop Farms Spences Bridge. Bring em on Grand Pa and Grand Ma, and you can get exercise too. 
     To be continued.....    .