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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


     Ownership of Property will be looked at with a "improved?" Consciousness in the future, looking at all land in a more harmonious way that serves the best use for the whole heaven on earth. We are in transformation mode, as things are today, with the chains of the money system, and private ownership of land, and public land which is not really public available, we in the Garden Party are taking small transforming steps, from here, to heaven, on earth. 
     Starting with shaking off the money chains, making no land claims, the Garden Party Self Government is fully involved in food to feed the survivors, of Nuts who have big buttons on their desks, that work. We suggest that Kim offer to disarm his Nuclear Bombs, along with all the foolish nations that have them, and we finally get rid of all Nuclear Weapons. That would be a positive move for North Korea to do for 2018. That would be a positive start, how about it People of USA? of India? of Pakistan? Of Israel France UK Russia and China? How about a little pressure on those who call themselves the leaders, time that peace loving people start pushing a few buttons.    

Sunday, December 31, 2017


     Government evolves from its coercive, bureaucratic phase to its new role as coordinator and facilitator of people's creativity. Genuine Self-Government is achieved as people become truly Self-Governing---that is, higher-Self Governing. (Lines out of a book.) 
     The Garden Party is looking to the future. To have a future, the Agriculture Methods, in Canada, require a few alterations. And more than a few people to co-create the next big change in food production, processing and distribution.   
     These are not the only things that the Garden Party, now based in Spences Bridge is working on, but we see food as the first step. We needed to sustain ourselves, and those working on positive actions, that will carry us all into a co-created evolving future, exercising our full human potential as individuals, that will benefit not only in addressing errors of our Agriculture methods, but also add to our efforts of slowing down Climate Warming, and maintaining Natural Diversity. 
     We are here in Spences Bridge to talk, learn and teach, and apply ourselves to tasks at hand, because this is a big job, 1500 trees or thereabouts, we are not waiting for Spring to spring into action. Talk is cheap and talk without action is waste, we can afford to talk, but even failed action has its rewards.   
     Happy New Year 2018!   

Thursday, December 28, 2017


     2018, the year of collective inaction at the cash register. A year of lowering consumption World Wide to a full 30%...... You know this is necessary, we all have to do it, so wear out your cloths. And no you don't really have to drive your car today, or even tomorrow. You might be an exemption and have too drive your car, or not even have a car, the idea is : cut the waste out of your life, everybody, and if your job is nothing but a waste, we, The Garden Party is having a Pruning Party getting all the deadwood, cut and moved out, to make ready the tree, for a good crop to feed all those relatives quitting there wasteful jobs and making Sence for a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


     To the Green Party and the NDP, the Garden Party sends it condolences, they both are headed to join the Liberal Party of BC in the compost. The Majority of People in BC oppose Site C Dam, the Liberal Party lost the last election because they were pushing the unwanted Site C Dam on the People of BC. The Greens and the NDP got the votes the Liberals lost, by giving the impression that if they were elected, the project would be cancelled. The NDP is blaming the Liberals for starting the project but is continuing development, the Wimpy Greens blame the Liberals and the NDP, but continue to prop up the doublespeak NDP. The Garden Party has no choice but to compost the whole works in the Compost and calls for a General Strike. Stop What We Do Not Want. We want all work on the Dam to stop immediately, and are calling for a General Strike in BC.
     General Strike, Starts Wed, Garbage Day.                  

Saturday, December 9, 2017


     We are working on the big picture, a small piece of the big picture. We look at it like this, every little piece is a part of the big picture. Every little piece is surrounded by other little pieces and are affected by one another, which in turn, as the ripple goes out and comes in, we are affecting the whole world constantly, and the world is affecting us constantly, as individuals, if there is such a thing as a individual.
     The little piece we are working on right now is Hilltop Gardens in Spences Bridge, covering garlic with hay for protection from wind and cold, just about finished for the day when seventeen mountain sheep walked past the garden. 

Friday, December 8, 2017


     What do Canadians need? Can we make what we need? Or do we expect others to provide our needs and wants? How much world trade do we really need to take care of our own collective needs? What can we not provide? Food? Does Canada not have a climate capable of food production from coast to coast? Why do some live in Canada without shelter? What is happening to all those millions of trees cut every year? Enough trees to built a house for every person in the country every year, that's how many trees. Can Canadians make their own shoes? Cloths? Blankets? Of course Canadians once did and still can provide for most of their needs. So can most other countries if their agricultural lands are not growing pineapples to feed Canadians.
     So what Trade Deals do we need to make? Or are these trade deals more about making populations dependent on the likes of Walmart, Canadian Tire, Safeway, Monsanto, MacGarbage, and such? Are we all to be slaves and servants of a few giants? Oh, but we can vote, for a new rider to sit in the saddle of a dead horse. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is all for The New Freedom To Trade Deal, With Everybody, and Freedom To Not Trade Deal, With Everybody. 
     It is official, all previous trade deals made by past governments in Canada are now in the Garden Party Compost, with all other weeds and useless jobs. Just get a live horse and go for it.